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Sailing Info

Galapagos Islands Clearance Information


Non-commercial private yachts and ships are allowed to anchor in any of the three inhabited Galapagos Islands' harbours, as long as they have no more than 10 persons on board. The length of stay in the Galapagos Islands should not exceed 20 days.

Note that it is strictly forbidden to carry out any tourist activities on your vessel.

Yacht owners and captains must take care to comply with all of the Galapagos Islands rules and Regulations.

Before the entry into Galapagos you will need to send us the following information.

  • Fumigation certificate: This can easily be done for example in Panama with your local agent or ask your local yacht club. If you can not fumigate your vessel before arrival into Galapagos it will be done here upon arrival, but we recommend to have it done before hand!!
  • Boat papers, crew list & copy of passports




The following Fees has to paid upon arrival into the Galapagos National Park:

  • Navy fees, per 1Ton of yacht GRT, depending of the time of arrival (weekday, holiday or weekend) :
  • National Park Entrace Fee:
100$ Adults - 50$ Children under 12 years of age
  • Personal Galapagos Immigration Card:



Anchorages & Moorings

Puerto Ayora’s Academy Bay is open to the Southeast, which is the direction of the prevailing winds, but these rarely blow with any strength and even at the height of the southeast trade wind season, between June and the end of August, the swell in the anchorage is bearable. The anchorage is used by local excursion boats, most of which have permanent moorings on the south side of the bay. Stern anchor is highly recommended due to a close proximity of other boats in the Bay. GOS have a private dingy dock for you to come ashore in front of the GOS office and the facilities.

Click here to see a map of Academy Bay and GOS dinghy dock...

The Ecuadorian Service for plant and animal health in the Galapagos (SESA-GAL) is responsible for inspection and quarantine control enforcement in order to prevent exotic species, plagues and diseases from being introduced and spread on the islands.

Vessels arriving in Galapagos entering the protection zone established by law, i.e. 40 nautical miles from the baseline, are subject to regulations governing the transport of products that may endanger Galapagos.

These regulations are as follows:

1. To allow visits and inspections by credited inspectors of SESA-GAL.
2. No plant or animal is to be taken ashore during your visit to the islands.
3. Pets on board are not to be taken anywhere ashore.
4. Should your pet be sick or die, please inform SESA-GAL at once.
5. Garbage and waste must be kept in tightly sealed containers.

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